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Agency Sales Krusaders 2.0 Masterclass + Limited Time Bonuses: 
Here's what you'll get: 
  • Module 1: The Krusader Mind
  • Module 2: Discover Your Niche
  • Module 3: Build Your Offer
  • Module 4: Prospecting Warplans
  • Module 5: The Krusader Sales Process
  • Module 6: The Secrets of Retention (from a real agency owner)
  • MEGA BONUS #1:  Krusader Prospecting Warchest
  • MEGA BONUS #2:  Krusader Sales Warchest
  • MEGA BONUS #3: Krusader Facebook Ads & Funnels
  • MEGA BONUS #4: Inbound Schedules on Autopilot
  • MEGA BONUS #5: Facebook Mastermind
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"Already closed my first client, Nik and Sema have been very generous in giving information that works"
"This month we're hitting 20k in revenue- our best month ever. Anyone who is serious about growing an agency and investing in yourself should just go for it."
"After I took Nik's course, I put on 4 new clients and added 20k in monthly recurring income."
"Before purchasing the program my business was stagnant and I was operating only on referrals and I knew I couldn't scale my agency that way. I wanted to learn from a 7 figure entrepreneur that's done what I'm trying to do to scale my business and that's exactly what I've done. I've had a full pipeline. After purchasing the course, within 2 weeks it paid for itself 3x over. If you're thinking about it just go for it and get ready to scale because that's the next problem you're going to have!" 
"Before I joined Nik's program I had no sales process. I was making 6-8k a month based on referrals but I wanted to grow my agency. So I took in all of the information that's in the course and I started executing it and solidifying our sales process. And then we started closing clients left and right and right now we're about to hit a 50k month and I couldn't have done it without Nik's process." 
"Before I joined the program, it was really tough for me to figure out how to structure my sales calls - I didn't know how to qualify clients I got on the phone with, and I got on the phone with a lot of the wrong people. Then when I got on the phone I didn't know what to say. I had done a couple of trials but I didn't have any paying customers, and now I have my first paying client and I'm looking forward to many, many more. This program walks through how to qualify clients, who to get on the phone with, and how to structure your discovery and demo calls." 
"I bought the course with money I really didn't even have but I knew that just by getting one client it would pay for itself and I've done that tenfold now. I've learned so much just by being in the community not only on the sales and prospecting side but also on the technical side that I thought I had down. I love Nik's style of teaching - he pulls back the veil and shows you exactly what's working and he's always there to answer questions. Can't recommend him enough."
"I've been through 5 different programs and 2 different mentors and nothing else was working for me. Now I have a demo process that is locked down and a prospecting strategy that keeps my pipeline full. I love the community, we genuinely care about each others' success. Nik's program has changed my life."
My objective in purchasing the Agency Sales Krusaders course was to accelerate the pace at which our agency was growing through developing a customer acquisition process for ourselves, and to better systematize the customer experience. I'd say I've already achieved both goals after learning from Nik. The program is worth every penny because the return you receive on your investment is substantially greater than even 5 figures. Nik really embodies the role he is teaching you how to do, he runs a 7 figure agency so he advises from a place of mastery. He's out there every day in the trenches so he understands how the industry evolves and updates. Thank you Nik, for the huge blessing you have been in my life. I'm truly grateful to have learned from you.
Just in the last couple weeks really got the sales process dialed in, and have closed $12k in MRR. Having everything laid out, and having the ability to really show us what's working now and not just 3-6 months ago has been huge. The group support has been a big part too. It's awesome to be able to ask questions and then support each other. Somebody always has an answer they can help with. If you're thinking about it, just dive in. Especially with the prices Nik charges it's really worth way more than it's listed. 
"I cannot recommend Nik and his team enough. Whatever he is selling, I am surely first in line to buy it"
"Since I joined Nik's group I landed 2 clients in the first month for a total of 8k...I'm able to charge more because I can offer more for my clients and that's thanks to Nik and his training."
Nik has helped me in more ways than I can even describe. I've been in marketing for decades, but I always told myself I'm not great at sales and interacting with people or getting people to do what I want them to do. After going through Nik's training, I realized the reason I wasn't good at sales is because I never tried to be. The one thing I took away above everything else is that anybody can learn to do sales it's just a matter of applying the right processes. You don't have to be that slimy salesperson that everybody hates and regrets buying from. As of now, my agency is doing really well, my pipeline is full. I can't recommend Nik enough.
"I signed up for the program last year. I originally got the course for Nik's sales process - and what he teaches, nobody else teaches. A month after implementing his strategies, I hit my first 10k month. And then we started hitting 20-30k months. And now we're hitting 50k months. We're consistently hitting our best months and we're on track to hit 7 figures." 
"I had already been doing pretty well with my agency but I was just looking to refine my sales process. With just one of the modules inside the course I was able to add an extra 10% to my closing percent. May not sound like a whole lot but when you take a step back and look at it from an annual basis, easily adds an extra six figures. The program is worth its weight in gold."
"Before I joined Nik's course, I was still at my job. It was at that tipping point where things were going well in my agency but not well enough to leave my job. I saw Nik's stuff and like what he had to say so figured what do I have to lose. It has been a complete game changer for my agency. It showed me how to simplify and do one thing consistently to get results and now, I've left my job. I've gone from that tipping point to using what I learned in Nik's course to provide consistent income for my family."
"Nik and his team have a thorough understanding on how to drive new customers to local businesses. What I love about his course - he's actually running is own agency so you're getting his first hand experiences incorporated into the course. The course is a step-by-step guide - so if you follow the steps you're gonna get results. If you're an action oriented entrepreneur I believe this will be a game changer for you."
"When Nik released his course I knew I had to be a part of it because what was missing from a lot of the other courses I purchased was the actual sales process and the mindset portion. You can have all the techniques and strategies in the world but if you don't know how to sell that you won't close clients. And the culture that Nik has created in the group is incredible, I haven't seen it anywhere else. Nik's philosophy is there really is no competition that there's enough business for everybody. If I'm taking on a client in a new niche I can just ask a question in the group and there's no holding back tips or tricks everyone really helps each other out. I would invest in this program 100 times over, totally worth the money."
"He keeps bringing in new material"
"The information he provides is FIRE both in the course and in the group"
"This program is everything you need to be successful in your agency and it gives you access to a strong network of successful marketers."
"The course is absolutely insane. Since I started with Nik, I quit my 9 to 5, I have sustainable income I'm able to support myself with and actually save money at the same time."
Nik gives you a process from A-Z on how to find and qualify prospects and how to close a deal
"Nik helped me take my sales skills to another level and effectively sell the services I'm offering my clients."
"Every single thing is covered...the material and the support in the group and the clarity - you can't go wrong."
"Nik gave us all the pieces I needed to take my business to the next level."
"Mindset portion of the course has shifted everything, way more productive"
"I was blown away way beyond expectations when I got into the course"
"The course is the most value packed course I've had on sales and prospecting with a ton of actionable content"
"This course has given me the confidence to ask for a paid version of the's great because you don't waste your time. It is well worth it."
"It's been the best investment I've ever made in this space. I've spent a lot of money on courses and this has been the biggest bang for the buck."
"Nik shows you exactly what you need to do to start getting clients and put the gas pedal on your business."
We reached out to Nik to take our agency to the next level and paid him for coaching. After ONE two hour session the next week we had made our money back and had a positive ROI. I highly suggest that you team up with Nik- he will blow your mind. He actually cares about your growth and making sure you succeed and you reach whatever goal you're hiring him to help you reach.
Before I joined this course I was lost in what kind of clients to go after. This course has completely blown me away- it has the EXACT framework you need to follow on your sales calls and there's even recordings of qualifying calls and sales calls so you can see what Nik and his team are saying to their potential clients. This course is all you need to get $10k and take that all the way up with your agency. Nik is always available and they do Q&A's all the time. There's like 10 different strategies for prospecting alone and you can take any of those to get clients.
"Because of this course I'm about to launch 2 dental implant trials this week."
Their agency program is absolutely the best in world- the best thing you can possibly invest in if you're an agency owner or thinking of starting one. Everything is overdelivered several times over. Before I joined, everything was in a slump- my sales were off and my mindset was in the gutter and after I joined it completely super charged my mindset and I'm excited about building my business and moving forward with my agency. Nik and Sema will have your back all the way through and you'll join an insanely powerful community of likeminded individuals who will push you all the way through and help you every step of the way.
Nik has had a drastic impact on my entrepreneur journey and was there for help whenever I had nightmare clients and really helped mold my mindset that there's gonna be hardships but you gotta put your head down and keep working to reach success. Nik's always bringing fire in the group with his trainings not just for agency but just for entrepreneur journey in general.
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program..
Is this a beginner or advanced course?
There's something for everyone in this course! We've had plenty of people come in at ground zero and land their first, second, third client and beyond! We've also had people who are already 6 figure a month agencies come in and utilize some strategies that they weren't using in their business yet. 
How long until I see results? 
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What makes this program different from the other agency courses out there?
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